Mr. Yagyavalkya Sharma

Yagyavalkya Sharma, Senior Scientist at Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology,  Kalp Laboratory, Mathura. He has completed his Master’s in the field of Biotechnology at GLA University, Mathura (India). He has taken several courses in Biotechnology, Where he worked with Biological Techniques such as RT-PCR, Serological Tests, DNA isolation, RNA isolation, Purification, SDS-PAGE, Electrophoresis, Primer Designing, and BLAST. He has two years of teaching experience as an Assistant Professor at Sanskriti University, Mathura and three years of experience as a Managing Director at Zenith Academy, Vrindavan. He also worked as an UP program Coordinator for The Bouquet Society, Mathura. He also designed BSL-2 Laboratories in Mathura city where around hundreds of science students are benefited and completed their project work under his supervision & successfully guided and co-guided 50 dissertations/theses for Biological Sciences, Agriculture & Life Science students from various institutions from all over India, many of the works from which have been published and presented in various journals and conference. During COVID crisis and before COVID, He had organised about 35 National and International Conferences and Workshop as an Organising secretary. He has Published 80 Research Paper/Article/Chapter at National and International Journal. Moreover it, he also awarded as “Best Scientific Trainer Award” from Environment and Social Development Association (ESDA), Delhi & “Young Biotechnologist Award” from Agro Environmental Development Society-AEDS, India.