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A Systematic Review on the Prospective Significance and Recommendations of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) for Diabetes Mellitus


Introduction begun to shed light on its potential benefits in the context diabetes management. This systematic review aims to consolidate the current knowledge role of pearl millet in diabetes care. We examine the grain’s nutritional composition, its effects on glycemic control and metabolic health, and practical considerations for its inclusion in diabetic diets Diabetes Melitus (DM), a chronic metabolic disorder characterized by elevated blood glucose levels, has emerged as a major public health concem globally. With its increasing prevalence, diabetes poses significant challenges not only to individual health but also to healthcare systems worldwide. The management of diabetes, which primarily primarily involves controlling blood sugar levels, is crucial in preventing a range of complications, from cardiovascular diseases to neuropathy and retinopathy. Among the various strategies for managing diabetes, dietary intervention plays a critical role Dietary choices can profoundly impact blood glucose control, insulin sensitivity, and overall metabolic health. In this context, whole grains have gamered attention for their potential benefits in diabetic diets. Rich fiber and essential nutrients, whole grains are known to have favorable effects on glycemic control and insulin response. Among these, pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) grain widely consumed in various parts of the world, especially arid regions, stands out for its unique nutritional profile of the cially in and and semi- Pearl millet, despite its long history of cultivation and substantial nutritional value, has often been overshadowed by more common grains like wheat and rice. However, recent research. This review also highlights the existing research gaps and the need for further studies to fully understand and harness the potential of pearl milet as a dietary intervenition in diabetes. mellitus. By providing a comprehensive overview of peart millet’s role in diabetes management. this article seeks inform healthcare professionals, dietitians, and individuals with diabetes about the potential benefits of this versatile grain in their dietary strategies.

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